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Studio Seven




Studioseven is a 360° creative-tech hub providing integrated AV solutions and interactive experiences in Conferences & Events, Video Production, Exhibition Stands and Systems Integration.

THE challenge

Rethinking, redesigning & improving StudioSevens digital home

Rethinking, redesigning & improving StudioSevens digital home

StudioSeven is Maltas leading A/V and production hub. In 2019, StudioSeven celebrated their 40 year anniversary and contacted Bison Studio in order to help them create an online presence that was in line with their new vision. A website that truly represents what they’re all about.

From the start of this project, we knew that StudioSeven wanted to stand out. They were not looking for a template approach that would look the same as their competitors. We instantly knew that this was the perfect project for us.


3 main pillars, all connected.

StudioSeven’s services are split up into three main pillars, these being, Conferences & Events, Digital Media & Content, and System Integrations. Each of these pillars has a range of sub-services and most of them are linked to each other. We had to make sure that the site structure and user journey was built in such a way that potential clients understand the relations between all their services.


Being different yet effective

Although we had the freedom to design a website that stood out from the rest we had to be sure that the site was as user-friendly as possible. It is easy to design something that looks beautiful but if it’s not effective it’s worthless. We made sure that we checked off both aesthetics and user-friendliness.


Mobile first design

The website was built in a mobile-first approach. The mobile experience was conceived with an attention to detail to ensure anyone, anywhere could get access to all the information they need.

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Balal Road, San Gwann
+356 99025480
[email protected]